Vibratory Bowls (Industrial Grade)

Also known as "Bowl Feeders" or "Feed Bowls" these machines are custom built to orient and singulate parts for a wide variety of industries including hardware, automotive, cosmetic, food, water purification, ammunition and many others. Vibratory bowls are also available in pharmaceutical grade.


Standard Features                                                           

  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Hand polished to a #4 brushed finish
  • Sizes from 6" to 36" I.D.
  • Dual coil base drive units
  • Toe clamp bowl mounting
  • 120 VAC speed control

Optional Features

  • Multiple part feeding in one bowl
  • Bowl coating for noise reduction, part wear and bowl wear
  • Tab mounting for faster changeover of multiple bowl systems
  • Bowl "Quick Dump Window" for faster emptying of parts in multiple part bowls
  • Glass bead  and sandblasted surfaces

Control Options


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